Hi there, I need some help.<BR>I have a form page where users can select records with a checkbox if they want to buy them. Next to the checkbox is a list box , listing 1 to 5 with regards to quantity required of the chosen record(s). I can display the records ordered fine , on a following page, but when I try and display the quantity next to each record I get the full listing , 1,1,1,1,5 or various other patterns of list box values.<BR><BR>Here is my code :<BR><BR>Response.Write("you have chosen the following")<BR>Response.Write("<BR>")<BR>&#039arra y to hold chosen records<BR>Dim arrRecords<BR>arrRecords = Request("records")<BR><BR>Dim recordArray<BR>recordArray = split(arrRecords," , ")<BR><BR>&#039Dim strQuantity<BR>strQuantity = Request("quantity")<BR><BR>&#039iterate through loop<BR>Dim iLoop<BR>For iLoop = LBound(recordArray) to UBound(recordArray)<BR>Response.Write("<BR>")<BR>R esponse.Write(recordArray(iLoop) & (strQuantity) & "<BR>")<BR><BR><BR>Could someone please help me or guide me with a better solution to the problem. Thank U Paul