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    Martin Guest

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    I have two asp&#039s that accesses a SQL-server.<BR><BR>The first one (FindGroup.asp)lists a particular group of items.<BR>The second one (FindItem.asp) displays information about an item.<BR><BR>Until now you would first have to use a webform to find a group, look up the id of an item you want information about and then use another webform (and manually type in the id).<BR><BR>What I want to do is to automate the second part a bit. I&#039ve managed to get the FindGroup.asp to set the item-id&#039s as hyperlinks so that instead of using the webform for FindItem.asp you can just click on the link.<BR><BR>Unfourtunatly it doesnt work... :o(<BR><BR>What is the syntax for calling an asp with a parameter?<BR>what I&#039ve tried is this:<BR>FindItem.asp?idnr=12345<BR><BR>If I call the asp from a regular webform it works fine, but I cant get it to work with a hyperlink...<BR><BR>Any suggestions/ideas/solutions?<BR><BR>/Martin

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    FindItem.asp?idnr=12345<BR><BR>In that example, idnr is the name of the form element being passed, and 12345 is the value.<BR><BR>If you call the ASP page like that, Request.QueryString("idnr") will hold the value "12345"<BR><BR>Make sure you are not using Request.Form()<BR><BR>Nathan

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    Martin Guest

    Default Thank you it worked!

    Thanks alot!

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