I am having a very interesting problem, and hope that someone<BR>can help me out.<BR> <BR>Here is the situation:<BR> <BR>I have a three part from a left column, and a right column,<BR>and then in the right, it is split into two parts a upper<BR>row, and a lower row.<BR> <BR>If a click on a link in the left column, it changes a page.<BR>in the right lower row. If I click on that link, and change<BR>the page in the lower right, and then I click on in the lower<BR>right frame, I get the correct page. Now if I click on the<BR>back button on the browser, and then click on refresh, its<BR>does not refresh the correct page in the lower right, it reloads<BR>the last page that was clicked on in that frame instead.<BR> <BR>Now here is the kicker, if this is all in .htm files it works<BR>fine, if I use .asp files (which is required) this above <BR>situation happens.<BR> <BR>Any ideas how to make it load the correct page with ASP files?<BR>