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    I&#039ve seen this touched upon on a few threads, but wanted to get some opinions on the "correct" way (or your way) to destroy session variables.<BR><BR>Does anyone try to see if the browser window is closed and then destroy them? Does everyone just wait 20 minutes (whatever your web server default)? When is it appropriate to use the GLOBAL.ASA? I&#039ve been using session vars, but not using a GLOBAL.ASA (CSS,JavaScript,ASP/VBScript). <BR><BR>I&#039d appreciate everyone&#039s comments/suggestions.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Jeff

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    I don&#039t know if this helps but you can control your session timeout length, which will destroy the session variables, on individual pages by setting<BR>&#060;% Session.Timeout = 15 %&#062;<BR>This example timming out in 15 minutes.

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