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    Default New ASP Sessions being generated

    Have a site running on a single web server with a no virtual directories underneath the applications root directory.<BR><BR>Problem: New sessions are generated at various times from various links. I try to duplicate once it happens, can&#039t make it happen again.<BR><BR>Scenario: Clicking around in my site, suddenly a new session is generated. Click around some more, happens again, not in same place though.<BR><BR>What I know: The old session is not being abandoned, it in fact times out 20 minutes after the new session is generated.<BR><BR>Is acting as if I am going to a different domain or into a virtual directory in establishing a new session, though this never seems to happen in the same place. This is what I would expect of a web farm with sessions, but I am on a single web server. Happens on NT 4 and 2000 with same asp code.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Default Seems to be an IE5 problem.

    Have not been able to make the problem occur with Netscape 4.<BR>Occurs frequently with IE5 NT 4 client, and with IE5 win 95 client.<BR><BR>Anyone know of any IE5/IIS session bugs?

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    Default RE: Seems to be an IE5 problem.

    Written by Microsoft, try downloading the patch, it will probably fix about a hundred problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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