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    hi<BR>can anyone help me how to .pdf extension files in browser...<BR>urgent please:::::::::::::::::<BR>

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    How to...what? If your just trying to view the .pdf file in the browser you can use &#060;A HREF="yourfilename.pdf"&#062;Whatever&#060;/A&#062;.<BR><BR>If your trying to do something else please specify and I may be able to help.

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    Do you know how to make a href file call to a BOOKMARK in a pdf file?<BR><BR>This doesn&#039t work. &#060;a href=blah_blah.pdf#bookmarkname&#062;text&#060;/a&#062;<BR>this takes me to top of the page rather than the bookmark inside the pdf file.<BR><BR>Please pass this on if you don&#039t know.<BR><BR>Thank You,<BR><BR>

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