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    Martin Guest

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    How do I make a subCookie to Expire?<BR><BR>For example I have a Cookie collection of these Cookies:<BR><BR>Request.Cookies("TEST")("id1")<BR> Request.Cookies("TEST")("id2")<BR>Request.Cookies( "TEST")("id3")<BR>Request.Cookies("TEST")("id4")<B R><BR>Now I want to make the SubCookie ("id2") to expire, how do I do?<BR><BR>Not like this: Response.Cookies("TEST")("id2") = ""<BR>Then the SubCookie still exists, but with an empty string!<BR><BR>Could I ReDim the collection so I get a new Cookie collection with just 3 keys?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR>Martin Republic AB Sweden<BR><BR>

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    Raj Chilka Guest

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    I don&#039t know but try like this, Let me know weather it solved your problem<BR><BR>Response.cookies("Test1")("id1")=Re quest.form("Text1")<BR>Response.cookies("Test2")(" id2")=Request.form("Text2")<BR>Response.Expires("T est2").Expires = Date - 1<BR><BR>Request.cookies("Test1")("Id1")<BR>Reques t.Cookies("Test2")("Id2")

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