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    Srilatha Guest

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    I have used Philippe Collignon&#039s article in asptoday to get a basic idea on developing the upload component.<BR><BR>For a single file, my code works fine, but when I try it for multiple files, receive the foll. error -<BR><BR>trial40 error &#039 800a01c9&#039 <BR><BR>This key is already associated with an element of this collection <BR><BR>/know_center/upload2.asp, line 10 <BR><BR><BR>The parsing works fine in this case, and all contents are displayed correctly. I suspect something wrong with the controls defined. <BR><BR>I have a global dictionary object called UploadRequest<BR>UploadControl is the name of my control.<BR>To this control I add the filename,content-type, value if the field is a file or add the value alone if the field is a text.<BR>Then I append this control and field name (unique, file1, file2, text1, text2 etc.) to UploadRequest.<BR><BR>UploadRequest.Add name, UploadControl where name is the "name of my field (file1, file2, text1, text2 etc.)<BR><BR>Can someone tell me what the above error explains. What is the duplication about?<BR><BR>Pls. help,<BR>Thanks,<BR>Srilatha

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    Oops, figured out the problem. My code does not accept field name with spaces, so there is a duplication of keys.<BR><BR>

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    Thanks for posting anyway it is a good article - im trying to pu multiple elements on the form as well as images (extra text fields) any pointers - tccoles@hotmail.com

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