Hi,<BR><BR>Is there any of you, who know howto send an email automatically to the webmaster, after f.ex. 5 days, with ex. this subject.:<BR>Remember to update your links section.<BR><BR>I&#039ve made this script that&#039s automatically changes site of the week, once a week.. And I then want to send an email to me, when those 4 weeks are over. That&#039s it&#039s time for update..<BR><BR>I&#039ve got this from one of my friends, which is made for perl, but I&#039m going to need it for either aspemail or aspmail.<BR><BR>&#060;!--Response.Redirect ("http://www.someone.dk/cgi-bin/formmail/FormMail.pl?recipient=" <BR>& recipient & "&subject=yada&email=xx@yy.dk&redirect=http://www.somewhere.dk/done.htm)--&#062;<BR><BR>Can anyone help ?<BR><BR>Best regards<BR>Raz