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    Hello!<BR>I&#039ve got a problem with personal IIS.<BR>It says err 800a01ad when I am trying<BR>to create ADO connection. MSDN says I<BR>should allow read access to IUSR_...<BR>to ADO files. It didn&#039t help.<BR>Anybody have any ideas ?<BR>Alex

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    I found a problem with using ADO in APS within Visual Interdev. I don&#039t know if this is the same env as you are using... if you set up a DSN to point to your database and you then allow ADO to insert the relevant ADO connection string into the Global.ASA file, and then later go back and adjust your DSN, you then get this err 800x... There are two things I found that rectify this. Firstly, in your Global.ASA file delete the userid and password from the connection string as automatically inserted by ADO in Visual Interdev and retry. Failing this, I found that by opening a new project, copying your code across and manully creating your connection string inthe Global.ASA file fixes it. At least it did for me.<BR>Good luck.<BR>Justin

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