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Thread: HELP with INETCTLS.INET object

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    Default HELP with INETCTLS.INET object

    This is the third day that I ask this question, but nobody answers!!!<BR><BR>Why can&#039t I create an instance of object inetctls.inet at where I have a free homepage? I used this line:<BR>set a=server.createobject("inetctls.inet")<BR>The result is an error saying that I cannot creat that object. <BR>What can I do?<BR>I read the article on 4guys how to get information from another web site without using a third party component, and there is used this object, but... If ewebcity does not support this object, how can I download some data from another web page?<BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    If they don&#039t support ASP scripting, you can&#039t

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    But they do!!!<BR>Nevermind, I figuerd out what is the problem - they don&#039t support vb! Because inet is an object from vb, and if the vb is not installed on they server I cannot use inet object. <BR>So, if anyone know a server that supports ASP and vb, mail me at:<BR>Or, if anyone knows how to get data from another web page without using third party component and without inet object, let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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