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    Default URL ENCODE?

    Hi i have a page where people will submit data through a form..<BR><BR>they will type in certain things and some of it will probably contain spaces...<BR><BR>what i want to know is how is it that you encode the url into that form that makes a space like &nbsp: (i think) etc and also how do decode it back to the original...<BR><BR>i know it has to do something about url.encode.. ???<BR><BR>in javascript the equivalent is: escape() and unescape()<BR><BR>thanks alot =)<BR><BR>James

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    Default RE: URL ENCODE?

    James,<BR><BR>1. Server.URLEncode(data_to_be_encoded_and_sent_via_q uerystring)<BR><BR>2. Request.QueryString(url_encoded_data_from_querystr ing).<BR><BR>The second function will automatically decode the url encoded characters.<BR><BR>If its helpful, peace !

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