&nbsp;<BR>I am looking for information on 3 areas:<BR>1. What is SQL script to identify current user and display that users data in an Access 97 database.<BR>2. What is SQL script to display all of current users data from Access 97 database on an ASP which also contains a form that when any new data entered will update the database with only the new data and not delete or change any other data.<BR>3. What is SQL script using a form with several options to choose search criteria for Access 97 database where some options may be left blank,and then display the results on the same ASP.<BR><BR>I am creating an interactive database on my web site using Access 97 and FrontPage 98. (Can not use FrontPage 2000 yet because ISP will not load server extentions yet.)<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need help ASAP.