$1 $2 are you lost??

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    HELP HELP HELP...<BR><BR>Im using RegExz for Windows, and cant quite get them down. Ive been using PERLs version of RegExz for about a year now. Im used to being able to reference a match as $1, $2 etc. Is this possible and if so how in the new Windows Version!!<BR><BR>--Dapope!

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    Pope Kiez Kah-se' Guest

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    Well, it&#039s the Microsoft (strike one!) Visual (strike two!) Basic (strike three!) version of regular expressions. The only way $1 and $2 appear to work is in a replace function where you are reordering matched bits -- you can&#039t add or replace anything from there.<BR><BR>The JScript regExp engine seems to be a bit more useful for search and alter operations, if it&#039s any consolation.<BR><BR>Sire Liah!

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    I always use JS for regular expressions - the VBS syntax is just a bit of a pain.<BR><BR>Anyway, I know that you can use $1, $2 quite happily in JS - very PERL-like as far as I know (I can recognise PERL, but I never used it)

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