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    Kevin Guest

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    Does anyone know how to or why I can not access the value of a image submit button. Example <input type=image name=action value=Edit src=/img/job/edit.gif>. I can&#039t get my script to pick up the value of this.

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    According to the microsoft site, any value property for an input type image is ignored...

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    Kevin Guest

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    That doesn&#039t bode well. Thanks much.

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    Jeff Sorenson Guest

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    Although you cannot access the value of the button, you can determine if the button has been selected by using the following code on the page that the form is posted to.<BR><BR>If Request.Form("Edit.x") &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> Do Stuff<BR>End If<BR><BR>The x represents the x coordinate of the image location. It will only contain a value if that button was selected. Also, in order to work the input tag must contain onclick=submit and the &#060;Form&#062; tag must contain action="some page" with some page being the page where the form will be posted.

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