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    This is totally weird:<BR>I have a website that uses access databases. I use several small mdb files. My largest one is 360 kb and I cannot transfer it from my computer to the web host. The web host thinks that I&#039m on crack.<BR><BR>The website that I am talking about has two folders. The recently moved my site so I have a mirror copy of it on their server. I can upload the problem file with no problem at all to the OLD site. When I try to upload the file to the new site, the file gets 55% of the way accross and it dies. There is no problem with my connection. I can be uploading other files at the same time when the access file dies.<BR><BR>I have renamed the extension to everything you can think of in an effort to fool the server. The only way I can get the file up is to zip it, but if I just change the extension to ZIP it doesnt go, you really have to zip it up.<BR><BR>This is the only file that I have a problem with. I uploaded other files much larger than the one in question (mp3s go up fine)<BR><BR>Thinking my file is corrupt, I exported all the info to text files and created a new database. I then imported all the text files to restore the database. No effect, other than the new database is 20kb smaller then its parent (I know access is not the best database around)<BR><BR>If anyone has any ideas at all on this I am most interested in hearing them

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    Check for a file with the same name as your database & the .ldb extension. Access creates this locking file when the db is in use; the file cannot be deleted and would prevent you from uploading a newer version.<BR>HTH

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