I am using ASP to populate a table with several fields that reference other tables. There are way too many rows in these referenced tables to make a SELECT control appropriate (imagine loading 10,000 rows into a SELECT!) I want to do the following:<BR><BR>A. Show referenced value or &#060;none&#062; on the window (easy)<BR>B. Show a button labeled LOOK Up there (again easy)<BR>C. On click display a page in a new browser window to allow searching and/or selecting (super easy)<BR>and then...<BR>D. RETURN THE VALUE TO THE ORIGINAL PAGE!!!<BR><BR>It&#039s D that has me stumped. HELP!!!! YIPES!!!! I can put the selected value into a Session variable, but how do I let the displayed page know that it&#039s time to redisplay in its present window, AND Close the popup window??<BR><BR>John<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>John<BR>