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    John Pendleton Guest

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    I need HELP! :)<BR><BR>How can I see what value for "name" is being returned from Request.QueryString("name");<BR><BR>I have tried to write the querystring to the page, &#060;%=Request.QueryString("name")%&#062;, but I cannot see anything. Although if I concatenate the expression, &#060;%Response.Write("1" + Request.QueryString)%&#062;, I am getting a "1undefined". If I parse it, using IntParse, it returns "1.#QNAN". <BR><BR>the goal here is to make a conditional statement, so that I can include html code if Request.QueryString is equal to whatever it is equal to when nothing is passed.<BR><BR>here&#039s the code...<BR><BR>&#060;% var select = Response.Write(Request.QueryString ("selectunit"));<BR> //var select2 = Response.Write( "1" + Request.QueryString("selectunit"));<BR> //oops = ((select2 == "1undefined") ? select2 : "");<BR> //Response.Write(select);<BR> //if (oops == "") { <BR> //if (select === (void 0)) select = "Hello";<BR> var select2 = parseFloat(select);<BR> Response.Write(select2);<BR> //if (select == select2) {<BR> %&#062;<BR><BR>HTML CODE<BR><BR>&#060;% } %&#062;<BR><BR>all are variations of what I have tried!<BR><BR>Any help would be GREATLY appreciated :)<BR><BR>jp

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    asphead Guest

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    Try:<BR><BR>select2 = request.querystring("selectunit")<BR>response.writ e select2<BR>

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    First of all, it is not clear what we are looking at. ASP code<BR>can write out JavaScript source as a string into the HTML file but it looks jumbled up in your code.<BR><BR>In any event,<BR>ASP Code:<BR><BR>If Request.QueryString("name").Count = 0 then <BR> &#039no query string passed<BR>else<BR> Response.write(Request.QueryString("name")& "<BR>")<BR>end if

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