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    KPW Guest

    Default IIS won't let go!

    I have seen similar questions regarding PWS, but not about IIS. Am I doing something wrong?<BR><BR>The situation is that I have gotten into writing components for use with ASP. While in the testing phase, if I need to recompile the DLL, I can&#039t delete or overwrite the DLL. I have tried stopping the Web Publishing Service and restarting it, but I still can&#039t delete the DLL.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?

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    SPG Guest

    Default Is Visual Interdev open?

    If you&#039ve referenced the component from an ASP open in Visual Interdev recently, Visual Interdev may deem that the .dll should be read-only. Close Visual Interdev to get your file back.<BR><BR>"They had a decent tool... then they added another feature."<BR>

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