Well, the last article in 4guys is about server includes. One thing it forgets to mention is the new IIS/5 Server.Execute() that can include dynamic pages. When I tested it i thought I had my problems solved but no way. Server.Execute() includes files in your ASP page but the included page don&#039t have access to the parent page objects (except session or application objects) because it processes the child page separately. So even with IIS/5 we won&#039t have the REAL dynamic web page includes. <BR><BR>I think Microsoft should have thought of a SERVER.INCLUDE() function. Would that be too hard to do? Are they sleeping or what? can&#039t they feel the market when developing a new version of a product?<BR><BR>Anyway I did a ActiveX DDL that does the same job as Server.Execute but on IIS/4 (It includes a asp web page at run time) though the same local variables access problems persists. If anyones interested in it I can show here the code for it.<BR><BR>Please comment my post!!!<BR>