PWS "Chokes" when ASP Pages Refreshed

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Thread: PWS "Chokes" when ASP Pages Refreshed

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    Guy M. Fisher Guest

    Default PWS "Chokes" when ASP Pages Refreshed

    I am embarking on the ASP learning curve using Personal Web Server 4.0 and Access 97 on a Windows 95/IE 5 PC. I am encountering a major problem when viewing my pages.<BR><BR>Whenever I refresh an ASP page containing a database connection, the server "spins its wheels." The browser status reports "Web site found, waiting for reply" or "Opening page," but all I get is a blank window and an unending hour glass cursor. The page never loads. After that, the server won&#039t serve ASP pages (even ASP pages with no database connections), but it will serve HTML and SHTML pages. If I keep trying to refresh the same ASP page, I eventually get a "403.9 Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected" error and the server stops serving any pages.<BR><BR>I have tried connecting through ODBC DSN and DSN-less methods, and made sure to close the recordsets and connections. I have tried several sample pages and databases from ASP tutorials. I get the same results: The pages load perfectly the first time but don&#039t render when refreshed.<BR><BR>I think the problem may be in my PWS/ODBC/Access setup but I really have no idea where. When I reboot my PC after the problem occurs, I have to manually "end task" on an application before Windows shuts down. Unfortunately, there&#039s no title on the "not responding" window, so I don&#039t know what the application is. Any help with troubleshooting this problem would be appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR><BR>Guy M. Fisher<BR><BR>Cleveland, Ohio<BR>

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    Guy M. Fisher Guest

    Default Upgrade Microsoft Data Access Components

    For anyone else experiencing this problem:<BR><BR>Thanks to a suggestion on the Microsoft public newsgroup for ASP (news://microsoft.public.inetserver.asp.general), I installed the latest version of the Microsoft Data Access Components ( and everything is now working fine.<BR><BR>Good luck.<BR><BR><BR>Guy M. Fisher<BR><BR>Cleveland, Ohio<BR>

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