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    This is a commonly posted complaint, but I can&#039t find a solution anywhere in the archive. I&#039m getting a fairly regular System resource exceeded error on all of my pages. <BR><BR>I&#039m using Access 2000 (!), with a system DSN.<BR><BR>Do I need to close each of my recordsets at the end of each page to avoid the error?<BR><BR>How can I tell if I&#039m using session variables incorrectly. The documentation I&#039ve found here says to avoid it, but doesn&#039t really show how to do that--just that I&#039m not supposed to.<BR><BR>Please help!<BR><BR>C. A.<BR>chris@cincinnati.com

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    Always kill your rs, conn object as soon as possible (even before end of the page).<BR><BR>jw<BR>megamicro.com

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