ASP Scripts Fail at Random Times.

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Thread: ASP Scripts Fail at Random Times.

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    Dylan Nichols Guest

    Default ASP Scripts Fail at Random Times.

    We have a large intranet Page for our Information Call Center to use for Lookups. We have migrated this system over from an older system to a new IIS 3.0 web server, Since then we have several ASP scripts that just fail at random intervals. They don&#039t give any errors they just dissappear from the page and are replaced by gray boxs. The proxy no longer finds them and we have to reboot to resolve the problem. Not long after that they fail again. Has anyone seen any problems like this?<BR><BR>Dylan Nichols<BR>Vista United Telecommunications.

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    Alex Collins Guest

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    Dylan,<BR><BR>I would recommend you upgrade the server so that it is running IIS 4 or IIS 5, as I have found IIS 3 to be quite buggy at times.<BR><BR>IIS 4 can be found on the WINNT 4.0 Server Option Pack, or I believe it can be downloaded from the MS web site..<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR>Alex Collins

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    Dylan Nichols Guest

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    Accidental Brain leakage.<BR><BR>We are running II 4.0. I have since upgraded the<BR>Microsoft Data Components to ver 2.5 and it hasn&#039t <BR>gone down for at least 15 hours. <BR>Hopefully the problem is solved. Any insight on the issue would still be nice!<BR><BR>Dylan Nichols<BR>

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