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    Can anyone tell me how u connect to lotus notes from ASP.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated....

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    I have done that in the past. Unfortunately, I don&#039t have the sample code but I will try a brian-dump......<BR><BR>1. as far as coding in asp; you follow similar db connction coding as you normally do either through DSN or DSNless.<BR><BR>2. with lotus notes, i suggest use DSN (configure through ODBC administrator)<BR><BR>3. you must have Lotus Notes ODBC drivers already installed in your machine. If you don&#039t have it, get the drivers from web site and run the setup programme.<BR><BR>4. goto to control panel and ODBC admin and then add a new DSN by selecting the Lotus Notes ODBC drivers. Follow the steps and point to your proper notes db (.nsf file). <BR><BR>5. you might have to do one more thing to make this work. there is notes.ini file some where in your server (if you are running notes from server). Copy this file into your windows directory.<BR><BR>6. there is a possiblity that you might have to add a line item in notes.ini file. At this point, i am kind os hazy with this. First try above steps and see if you can get some thing out of it.<BR><BR>the over all process is fairly simple. <BR><BR>

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