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    hello everybody<BR><BR>i am displaying records. after each record i am giving a button "move" when i click on move<BR>that particular record has to move to another table. how to do it.<BR><BR>awaiting anciously.<BR><BR>cheers<BR>ivan.

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    Dude<BR><BR>Do you mean moving the data physically between two tables (deleting it from Table A and inserting it into Table B) or just visually moving the data from, say, one HTML &#060;TABLE&#062; to another?<BR><BR>In the first case, set up a couple of stored procedures (assuming you&#039re using SQL Server) which will delete and insert the relevant data. You might want to look at frames if you don&#039t want to have to switch between windows all the time.<BR><BR>In the second case, use (typically Javascript) client-side code to do the moving.<BR><BR>Be cool.<BR><BR>Franco

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