How do I implement secure file downloads?

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Thread: How do I implement secure file downloads?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am an experienced programmer, but new to web development -<BR><BR>I am developing a secure web site (well, using SSL anyway) and my users want to be able to download their data into an excel spreadsheet. I am using ASP, MTS and SQLServer 7.0. I am using ASP sessions to control login details.<BR><BR>I started off creating the excel spreadsheet on the server, then giving them a link to download it - but this is not very secure as anyone with this URL to the spreadsheet can get it.<BR><BR>How can I securely and dynamically create files on a web site which other users cannot get at without going through ASP security checks?<BR><BR>Which technologies will allow me to do this? (Once pushed in the right direction, I&#039m sure I can pick it up...)<BR><BR>

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    I&#039m not sure how to do secure downloads but what I can suggest is an alternative.<BR><BR>If this particular file needs to go only to your clients then have a login area that only they can access and then have the link for the download, that way you are minimising access to this information.<BR><BR>Failing that you could have a login area and they request the file as an email attachment which could be encrypted and sent directly to their inbox.<BR><BR>Sorry I can&#039t answer your question directly but I hope this offers a viable alternative option.

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