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    Hi i am building an application and as users are authorised (user name and pass in a database), the session value of say null, gets set to their corresponding unique ID# which is in a database.<BR><BR>in 20 minutes after no activity it gets set back to null..<BR><BR>Now what i need to know how to do is to be able to check which users are "logged in" (ie : session value = their_id)<BR><BR>also it would be nice to check their corresponding IP, which user they are and how to change their session value to null<BR><BR>thanks alot =)<BR>(please email me with answer if you would =)

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    Just run thru the session contents:<BR><BR>For Each item in Session.Contents <BR> Response.Write item + ":::" + Session.Contents (item)Next<BR><BR>hope it helps.<BR>ravi ;-)<BR><BR>

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