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    &nbsp;<BR>Hello, I want to have a web site with a database of music in various formats (MP3, Wave and Real Audio), which people can search and access, then listen to .How do I go about doing this properly? Should i have 3 fields in the database called MP3, Wave and Real respectively, which have the physical adresses of the audio clips in them, ie, c:musicexample.wav1, and then have a link to this audio on the web page like &#060;A HREF ......&#062;.<BR>Im stuck could someone please give me some pointers here.<BR><BR> Thanks Anne "ASP booty shaker".

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    Hi Paul, saw your earlier post. <BR><BR>Definately store the files on the server, not in the access db. If you store them as files in your web directory (or sub) you can easily link to them with an HREF that you have previously stored in your database, make sure you use a reletive path for flexibility. Table is easy, Title, HREF, Type(mpg,wav,etc), Description.<BR><BR>However, if you dont have a streaming server (such as used with Real Audio) your users will have to download the files fully before playing them. Dont know if that is what you want. Streaming servers arent cheap. <BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Thanks alot dude, one more question.....

    Thank u very much for your time, sometimes when u sit and program 4 hours on end , I think your mind turns to jelly. U need a helping push in the right direction, so I thank u for your reply it was very helpful. One more thing though ,how would I go abouts searching through the audio files . If I were to have a small search engine that searched on 3 criteria , style of music, record label, and artist. If I knew the artist name and entered it into the search engine could I come up with results, with the files being stored in the web directory I dont know how to do this. That is why I wanted them in the database , so I could search through it using ASP. Sorry if the question sounds stupid but im kinda new to programming.<BR><BR>Thanks Paul, ...........girl names do work u know :)

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