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    Chichi Guest

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    An web application needs an administrative function requiring password to allow for changes to database. Basically, this function can add, edit, delete people, organization etc, and allow for password changing ofcourse. <BR><BR>Anyone did this kind of thing before could give me some idea on how to get it start, how long the whole functionality could be finished if database data is not a lot, and only one developer (who has never done this before) is working on this?

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    asphead Guest

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    I usually try to look at the complete application, and make sure I understand the application and database before estimating. Since full admin packages generally need to read, write and modify almost every table in the database, make sure you know how many tables are in the database, not just how many tables the rest of the application uses. <BR><BR>Identify if relationships between the data need to be changed. Like an employee now becomes a boss in a different unit, or the business unit can change and the employee base gets split based upon rules. A change in data relationships can get to be complex SQL.<BR><BR>Having said all that, a rule of thumb I use for a comprehensive administration package, barring any strange requirements is about 50% of the total development time of the rest of the application. If it took 2 people 5 weeks to write the original application(10 weeks of work), I estimate 5 weeks for the administration piece.<BR><BR>Since you havent done this before you may want to buffer another 10-15% into it.<BR><BR>Good Luck

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