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    HI!<BR> We are using Task Man, and the Performance Mananger to see what our ASP pages are doing with our server.. there&#039s one thing that we&#039ve seen and can&#039t seem to figure out...<BR><BR>We set up &#039Active Server Pages:Session Total&#039 in Pref. Man. to see the total number of Sessions that are going on.. it seems that there are more sessions then people hitting our sites..<BR><BR>Does this track the number of &#039Session varables&#039 (programmed in ASP) or prehaps the number of requests for an ASP page?<BR><BR>I know that the ASP server needs to set a &#039session&#039 for requestes to know where to send the data back.. could this be what is being tracked?!?<BR><BR>another question.. is there a better way to track performace on a server???<BR><BR>TIA!!!!!<BR>

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    I&#039d have to check your math, but my first guess is that the sessions are going on even after the people have come and gone (for 20 minutes, by default), so even though the requests are bobbing up and down each second, the session count goes up until the sessions start timing out. Over the course of 40 users each viewing 2 pages over 20 minutes, this would look like 4 requests per minute, but the session count would climb all the way up to 40.<BR><BR>I would hope that there&#039s a better way to track performance, but I haven&#039t really needed it yet...

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