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    I am new to the InterDev platform and would like to understand something.<BR><BR>I am running PWS,InterDev, NT Workstation and I can not figure out why the<BR>debugger will not work I get the following...<BR><BR>Unable to find server. Unable to set server into correct debugging<BR>state automatically. You may not be able to debug ASP pages. Do you<BR>want to continue launching the debugger?<BR><BR>Does the PWS use Wins, DNS or TCP/IP? I setup PWS to have the name of my<BR>computer and my computer is networked using DHCP,<BR><BR>HELP and Thanks<BR><BR>Michael<BR><BR>

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    Don&#039t know if you can do it with PWS. here is an article on setting up InterDev debugging with IIS:<BR><BR><BR>and here is an article on general Interdev debugging tips:<BR><BR><BR>Good luck!

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