Hi!<BR><BR>I have been working with this code:<BR><BR>s = outputStr<BR>If Len(s) &#062;= 1000 Then <BR> s = Left(s, 1000)<BR> i = Right(s,Len(s) - 1000)<BR>Else <BR> s = outputStr<BR>End If<BR><BR>What i want to do is limit the output string to only show 1000 chars at once. this works two times as you can see by the code, but how do I do it if the string is 4000 chars.. i want to click a link and get the next 1000 chars and so on..<BR><BR>Is there any better way to solve this problem or could someone just give me a hint how to do it. I would be very happy if you could send the syntax for it!<BR><BR>Regards Jimmie <BR><BR>