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    I need to dynamically create ONE list box on the web form, in which its values come from three different fields of a record.<BR><BR>For example: In a record, I have three fields called "neighborhood1", "neighborhood2", and "nieghbordhood3" for a particular location. I need to come up with a DISTINCT value list from these three fields for a particular location in a drop down box called "AvailableNeighborgood". <BR><BR>Any tips? Any hows? I have only 5 months of ASP Programming experience so be gentle with me on your explanations.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,

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    If I understand correctly, you just want the VALUE parameter of each OPTION to be a combination of the three fields. All you need to do is clump the fields together with some kind of delimeter character:<BR><BR>&#060;OPTION VALUE="&#060;%=var1 & "#" & var2 & "#" & var3%&#062;"&#062;option 1 here&#060;/OPTION&#062;<BR><BR>Then, when you need to undo the &#039clumping&#039, you&#039ll know what character to search for and break on.<BR><BR>Good Luck,<BR><BR>Mike

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