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    Claudio Teixeira Guest

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    How can I send mail from my ASP page, using a MS-Exchange mail server and the MAPI.DLL?<BR>I used the CDONTS with this server, and it returned the following message: Permission denied. I don´t remember the error code.<BR>Thanks a lot for your attention.

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    I don&#039t know how helpful this will be but I believe to interact with Exchange you need to use CDO not CDONTS.<BR>When you use CDO be aware that if you leave the page before you close any objects that reference CDO, your server will crash.<BR>Sorry I can&#039t be of more assistance<BR>Good luck

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    Dewy Guest

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    I&#039m not sure of this but have you tried using JMAIL here is the link:

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    Thank you Jim,<BR><BR>Some friends told me that I have to use MAPI.DLL to interact with MS-Exchange, and I will study more about this, and if I discover a solution, I will give to you.<BR><BR>Bye.

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