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    Can I add image in access database ? I want to call image from an asp page with click on link . Thanks...

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    Can you ADD images to Access?<BR><BR>NO, why would you want to?<BR><BR>The DB potentially could get to big to handle.<BR><BR>Better solution, just insert filename you want called. or better, if your using some sort of identifier (other than a auto ID field) you can assemble a file naming structure, wich could be autonomous.<BR><BR>col1 = My Dogg<BR>col2 = spot.jpg<BR><BR>the above is a basic method.<BR> <BR>col1 = my dog<BR>col2 = Labrador<BR>col3 = Black<BR>col4 = male<BR>col5 = spot<BR><BR>well, even tho this is a stupid example (who would DB their dog&#039s stats?! :)<BR><BR>it can show how within the asp script you could call out the image... <BR><BR>again, using the aove..<BR><BR>maybe, you name your images according to stats (or you can have them proccessed this way when they are uploaded via ASP)<BR><BR>and they name as "dogsname"_"color"_"breed".jpg<BR><BR>so, using the db, you could call out <BR><BR>&#060;%=rs("name")%&#062;_&#060;%=rs("colo r")%&#062;_&#060;%=rs("breed")%&#062;.jpg<BR><BR>y ou could go even as far as declaring a variable this way<BR><BR>pet_photo = rs("name")& "_" &rs("color")& "_"& rs("breed")&".jpg<BR><BR>then just call oh "pet_photo"<BR><BR>..<BR><BR>hope this helps.. (overkill even.. :)<BR><BR>-g<BR><BR><BR>

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    I too would like to do this. I have a catalogue which is stored in an Access Database. If I add a new product or alter a picture in the database I would only need to upload the database to reflect this change on the web. Otherwise I will have to manage the image uploads in addition to the database upload, which will be very time consuming. Is this really imposible ???

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