Hi,<BR> I have the following code (below) that I want to use as some form of verification check before a delete function ( There is a delete HREF that is linked to <BR><BR>"vbscript:deleterecord(1,1,dandruff))" carries out it&#039s task, however, whilst I&#039m not sure whether the function picks up the name or the entity_id that is passed to it <BR><BR>I&#039m presuming it picks up the process ( an integer ) because it knows which part of the case statement to use if any one can help it would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>&#060;script language="vbscript"&#062;<BR>Function deleterecord(process, entity_id, e_name)<BR><BR> dim e_type<BR> dim sAnswer<BR><BR> f_process = process<BR> f_entity_id = entity_id<BR><BR> <BR> select case f_process<BR> case 1<BR> e_type = "user"<BR> sql = "DELETE FROM users WHERE user_id=" & f_entity_id<BR> case 2<BR> e_type = "shops"<BR> sql = "DELETE FROM shops WHERE shop_id=" & f_entity_id<BR> end case select<BR> <BR> sAnswer=msgbox ("You are about to delete the "& e_type &" " & e_name & "." & vbnewline & "Are you sure?",vbYesNo )<BR> if sAnswer=vbYes then<BR> cmdTemp.CommandText = sql<BR> rs.Open cmdTemp, , 3, 1<BR> end if<BR>end Function<BR>&#060;/script&#062;