why no one replying?? some questions......hehe

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Thread: why no one replying?? some questions......hehe

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    how do i use javascript together with asp to change the colour of the image??<BR>from javascript i assign a value to a particular image n then use asp to <BR>insert the value in the database.......issit correct??<BR>for example, reservation of seats:<BR>when someone click on the available seats which in blue, it will change to black which means it has been reserved.<BR>each of this image will represent the no of seats........n different colours to differentiate whether it&#039s reserve, available or purchase.<BR>pls give me some idea on this<BR>as i&#039m doing a final year project..............really need your help........

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    Javascript cannot change color of an image, but you can create another image using the color blue, and one using black, and so that you can use javascript of swap the image when ppl click on it, and then when it insert into database, when ppl take out the data again, you can use the black for the seat already taken and so on...... go webmonkey to take a look at the javascript lession ~

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    If you are looking for the feature where:<BR><BR>Once a unique seat is taken, and from thereafter need it to be reflected as "taken".. You only need asp/html.. no javascript.<BR><BR>Using a database, you would need a column denoting its sate. "avail" or "reserved" using this value "true/false" (yes/not.. etc) you can then determine what image to display.<BR><BR>exmaple code:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>if rs("status") = "true" then<BR>imgVAR="available.gif"<BR>else<BR>imgVAR=" reserved.gif"<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>from there on, you could jus use the imgVAR variable within the html.<BR><BR>For multiple seating you would just loop this function over and over<BR><BR>-g<BR><BR>

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