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    Hay, just wondering if this is possible.<BR><BR>I want to set up a variable Email to = a recordset entered in email. Let me explain...this is just an example of what I am looking for.<BR><BR>A database has table named users <BR>The columns are Name Email Age<BR><BR>I want to display the age of the person based on his email addy. Kind of like<BR><BR>If email addy = (addy of user) then, "Hello, Mike!" (If mike is the SAME name listed in the row with that email in that database table.<BR><BR>Email/name are NOT the issues.<BR><BR>It&#039s being able to do if/then with a displayed recordset based on OTHER recordsets...just an idea. Can this be done? How?<BR><BR>

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    You write<BR>&#062; It&#039s being able to do if/then with a displayed recordset <BR>&#062; based on OTHER recordsets... <BR><BR>But you only show one recordset (well, one table description).<BR><BR>What does the *other* recordset look like?<BR><BR>And why are you getting many records from the DB in order to send a single EMail? Or is that what you are doing? (If you<BR>are, why not just make sure your DB query only returns exactly the record you are looking for, instead of doing a terribly slow loop in VBScript?)<BR><BR>I&#039m afraid you need to explain it more and a bit clearer, if you would?<BR><BR><BR> <BR>

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    Default Sure, let me explain...

    Hi. Thanks for responding.<BR><BR>It&#039s hard to articulate so I&#039ll give an example.<BR><BR>If the asp page knows that your email is I want it to do a search in the db (search.mdb) into table (visitors) to find the name IN that ROW WITH<BR><BR>It&#039s to pull OTHER values to personalize based on the database has these columns, for ex.)<BR><BR>Name Email Age<BR>Bob 30 <BR>Tim 35<BR><BR>And so on..<BR><BR>So, the user types their email, for instance, and even if there are a TON of records in the db, it will pull out BOB as the name and personalize.<BR><BR>Does this make sense? It seems easy but would be a cool tool to have for logged in users...have a good one.<BR><BR>Thanks for your time

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