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    tajuddin Guest

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    Hi there,<BR><BR>I am running PWS.<BR>I have created a login page. Upon correct password username and password I would redirect into a different page. My code snippet<BR><BR><BR>IF found = 1 THEN<BR> session("login") = True<BR> session("name") = u<BR> <BR> <BR> Response.Redirect("http://mypc/iissamples/homepage/....webpubinvestment1.asp")<BR><BR>Now in the investment1.asp, at the top page I included this<BR><BR>IF NOT session("login") THEN<BR> Response.Redirect("http://mypc/iissamples/homepage/....webpubloginform.asp")<BR> END IF<BR><BR>Somehow the Session("login") is always FALSE<BR><BR>Is there anything wrong with the global.asa file<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your help

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    swastika Guest

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    I encountered similar problem. I reinstalled PWS agian on my machine. PWS is not stable. Frequently gives such errors. Try restarting your machine first. If does not work, uninstall pws and reinstall again.

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