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    I am working on a Personal Web Server.If i want to access the database on an another machine how will i do it??. I am using a DSN connetion to the DB. Do i install a PWS on the other machine and transfer all the files on that machine too??Please help me out in this matter.

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    1st, What kind of Database is it? Access or SQL Server/ Oracle? If its SQL Server or Oracle, you just identify the Database server when you set up the DSN. I remotely host my website & i can access the SQL Server from my machine using PWS. If you are using Access, i dont know for sure but perhaps you could map the drive that the database is on and then use some sort of DSN-Less connection. Or perhaps use a Virtual Directory. (i&#039m not sure if that would work however. as you&#039d have to take the IUSR_MACHINENAME account out of the directory.) <BR><BR>Hope that Helps<BR><BR>Scott S

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    I talked to my prof and he said that the client is on machine x and server is on machine y and the database is on machine z then how do i connect the three?? He said it is got something to do with the Port number. So from anywhere if i access the server i should be able to access it and should be able to do any kind of work involving adding ,deleting, updating etc from the ACCESS Database. if you know anything about the Port Number then please let me know.<BR>Thanks

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