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    help, netscape loads asp so slowly? what could be wrong. because ie seems load it perfectly fine. there is like a 10 sec. difference between them. i admit the sql statements are not optimized but why would there be a difference?

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    Netscape will not display tables until all content for tables is downloaded... IE will display table as it is being rendered...<BR><BR>Therefor, both browsers take the same amount of time to download, but since Netscape chokes on tables.. it takes longer to render..<BR><BR>This is an HTML/Browser issue, not an ASP issue. :)<BR><BR>Have fun explaining that to your client.

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    agreed. this is a browser issue, not ASP.<BR><BR>one trick you could use is by formatting your tables if it is possible into smaller tables<BR><BR>by flushing a set of smaller tables using the asp command response.flush you will see a quicker rendered output in the browser window.<BR>almost immediately.<BR><BR>by self containing all the information in one table, Netscape will wait until all results are processed.<BR><BR>so, flush each line and format the left and right side of the table at the same time and you&#039ll have a lightning fast page.<BR><BR><BR>

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