What 'fingerprint' is better than ip? How

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Thread: What 'fingerprint' is better than ip? How

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    Default What 'fingerprint' is better than ip? How

    Hey, somebody made a good point that if one leaves their isp, tracking the ip is not as good...if I am ONLY interested in knowing a user based on their computer that the visit with.<BR><BR>Forget the possibilities of using another computer, not the issue. What is a better stamp that I can retrieve like the ip? NOt an email addy, not a browser..what can I collect? Anything about their machine? <BR><BR>I am searching high and low for this answer...<BR><BR>Joel

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    Default The Internet is not condusive to identification...

    If I am behind a firewall, you get nothing.<BR>If I am on DHCP (like with most ISPs), you get nothing.<BR>If I delete my cookies, you get nothing.<BR>If I am not using an OS/browser prone to security "features", you get nothing.<BR><BR>If you can&#039t find what you need in the list at http://www.asp101.com/samples/servvars.asp , then perhaps you should read http://www.alistapart.com/stories/dao/ and meditate on whether you really should be attempting your application from a web platform.<BR><BR>Just to really make you ponder, which bit of the computer is the computer? Every NIC has a MAC address, but I don&#039t believe that modems do... regardless, it&#039s not accessible much past the ISP. My motherboard has survived 2 CPUs, 3 hard drives, 4 OSes -- 6, if you distinguish between Win 9x-es -- a variety of SCSI chains and other peripherals, many of which got recycled into a second computer... So, what were you trying to track? My brother has my internal Zip drive. Somewhere.<BR><BR>"On a clear disk, you can seek forever..."

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    Default Average joes will visit...here...

    I am not saying I must get all the goodies, or for everybody, the visitors, just for example, are regular joe blow smith with no firewall and what not, of course.<BR><BR>Here&#039s the thing. I once saw my machine info displayed to me, so I thought, ok, asp must do that with request server variables.<BR><BR>HOWEVER, the ONLY thing I can get from them that has to do with the machine/individual info per computer./visitor is the ip.<BR><BR>That&#039s all. I just wanted to know if there are other server variables I can use to display if you are mac/pc, what else..something like that that denotes a difference from one&#039s computer compared to other visitors...<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default RE: Average joes will visit...here...

    I think you will find that there is no reliable way to automatically track an individual computer or user. Cookies work until they&#039re turned off or the user moves to another machine. IP addresses aren&#039t even close to a solution since every time you dial into your ISP you&#039re assigned a new one. Not much computer-specific information can be passed without creating a custom control, and even then, you are very limited (nor is this reliable).<BR><BR>In short, you&#039re out of luck. Your web site *must* ask for some kind of identification if all of these other methods fail.<BR><BR>Generally it&#039s good enough to store a cookie, and if the user doesn&#039t have it when they return, ask them for their unique ID (like e-mail address) and password.<BR><BR>Michael Swanson, MCSE, MCP+Internet<BR>Webmaster<BR>Donnelly Corporation<BR>mike.swanson@donnelly.com

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    Default RE: Average joes will visit...here...

    &#062; I once saw my machine info displayed to me, so I thought, ok,<BR>&#062; asp must do that with request server variables.<BR><BR>I had a friend who did that a couple of years back. Unnerving.<BR>He even displayed my email address, though I hadn&#039t typed it in.<BR><BR>Turned out to be a "hole" in the NS security in JAVA at the time. He was doing it all client side.<BR><BR>I would *guess* that if you saw that done to you, the person doing so was also exploiting some hole in your browser&#039s security. If you go back and visit that site with a "modern" browser, I&#039d bet that the info is no longer displayed.<BR><BR>Just a stab. I may be all wet. But the part about the hole in Java security I know to be true.<BR>

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