sorry but this description is going to be a little lengthy. i can&#039t believe i now have this problem creeping up but here goes: i have exchange server names and mailbox alias&#039s being stored in a sql table. my .asp script is set up to run automaticly, it loops through a recorset to determine what messages to retrieve based on the exchange server&#039s name and mailbox alias. as the script runs i&#039m using fso to write all of the resulting markup to a named folder where the pages will be stored waiting to be called by the client. about 40 seperate .htm files are being generated each time this script runs. my script will create pages for five consecutive weeks of calendar appointments. all goes well until about the fourth week when randomly a cdo error msg. appears:<BR><BR>Collaboration Data Objects error &#03900000504&#039 <BR><BR>Your profile is not configured. [Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store - [MAPI_E_UNCONFIGURED(8004011C)]] <BR><BR>/Calendar/Calendar/DisplayAppointments - MSFT.asp, line 32 <BR><BR>now mind you, this error is being generated for a mailbox that was just accessed successfully and whose contents was retrieved for the previous weeks calendars. once this error occurs then no mailboxes can be accessed. i have a piece of pure cdo code to test accessing mailboxes (there is no html formatting or anything fancy in this test code) and no matter what hardcoded alias or exchange server i reference i will get this error. however, if i run my cdo test code from a different iis machine (referencing the same exact exchange server and alias) i have no problems accessing the appointments. do you suppose there&#039s something wrong with owa or other components that are installed on the iis machine? why would i have no problem accessing these mailboxes then all of a sudden it craps out on me? if anyone out there has any exerience dealing with this type of problem, please, i&#039d love to hear from you. if you need any more info from me or if my description is confusing just let me know, thanx in advance.