I&#039m trying to make a web interface for an accounting database. I&#039m using Access "save as html", publishing as asp pages, and ( currently ) exporting all of the objects. I&#039m on Windows 95, using Access 97 with PWS 4.0., System DSN.<BR><BR>My problem is that while most of the tables are viewable with no problem, the forms just don&#039t populate at all. For the most part, I get a blank square grey box. Am I missing something in the process for converting the forms to a database? One thing that I did notice is that the db has spaces between many of the table, query and form names ( as in This is a Form is the name of a particular form, instead of ThisIsAForm style ). It seems as if it should be a really straightforward task to save everything as html/asp and run with it, but I&#039ve got to be missing something!<BR><BR>I also had to turn the security for IE 5.0 all the way down before the browser would let me view any of the pages--is there any way to clean up that problem easily?