Creation of System DSN's from home?

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Thread: Creation of System DSN's from home?

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    Marc Moroso Guest

    Default Creation of System DSN's from home?

    Forgive the lack of research - As a developer and ISP assistant, using NT server 4.0, how can I create System DSN&#039s from home without having to physically travel to where the server is located? Or, Is this possible?

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    Scott S Guest

    Default RE: Creation of System DSN's from home?

    I haven&#039t done any research either on this, but i strongly suspect that it can be done by using scripts, WSH etc.. I haven&#039t found any code examples for this but i&#039m still searching. perhaps someone else knows of examples? my reasoning is based upon when you install certain programs they will create DSNs on your computer (access, IIS etc..) I dont know how they do it but there is definitely some way of creating them automatically. still looking...

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    Scott S Guest

    Default May have an answer

    This url provides information upon how to do it via VB. In theory you could compile this into some sort of component & then activate it through ASP<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: May have an answer

    Thanks Scott. I appreciate the information. If successful, I&#039ll post the "How to" information. - Marc M.

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