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    Brian S Guest

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    I am trying to calculate total time spent on the site. If I log the time in and then the time out and subtract the time out from the time in I should get the total time spent. I cannot figure out how to do it. The time in and time out data is stored in an ACCESS Database and is stored as the medium format. (5:23 AM) When I try to subtract the two, I think that the AM or PM extension messes up the calculation I get some thing like -8.60000000000 -E. Any ideas?

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    Klalter Santos Guest

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    Hi... u can use the formatdate to format your time as u wish.. for example if u use a formatdate(now(), 4) .. 4 is a shorttime mode... the shorttime remove the AM and PM and show 1:00 PM as 13:00 .. do u get? like this u can do all the counts... <BR>i hope to help u... <BR>

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    milind Guest

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    hi brian , try doing this in vb script -<BR><BR>DateDiff( "s" , date1 , date1 ) <BR><BR>date can take any format . offcorse u&#039ll have 2 catch the database values in vbscript variables before u do thsi . <BR>the first argumnt is s for seconds . u can have d for days , m for months n for minutes etc. <BR>hope this works . <BR>do rply <BR><BR>

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    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!

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