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    I&#039ve got a component that I&#039ve been building locally with VB 6 and running in debug mode. I&#039ve not had a problem with running the component at all with PWS - everything was great.<BR><BR>Today I uploaded the DLL and registered it in the directory I uploaded it to. (regsvr32 filename.dll). It gave me a succesful message box.<BR><BR>When the pages try to call the COM it gives an ActiveX Creation Error. What could be causing this? I tried rebooting the server but it had no effect.<BR><BR>Whats confusing me is that it ran so easily on my local, but then had problems on the server.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.

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    Check the permissions on the NT server for the DLL. Make sure IUSER_COMPUTERNAME account has RX on the dll.

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