Hey,<BR>I&#039m writing some html pages that consist of form values.<BR>There are about 17 pages on which one person will enter values. (That is 17 pages and 1 question per page for 1 person to enter values.)<BR><BR>What I want to do is have each of those answers get stored to an access db. Then on the last page, they click "Report" this action should run an equation based on their total answers and provide a detailed output.<BR><BR>The problem(s) I&#039m stuck on is(are) this(these):<BR>1)How do I enter the data from each page into one record of the db? As I understand, each time I write to the db a new record will be created?<BR><BR>2)Where should the equation take place? E.g. should an ASP page do the equation based on the data it pulls from the db? Or, should I have this in a query which will output data to an ASP page.<BR><BR>3) Since I would class myself as an advanced beginner with ASP, what ASP coding should I learn first?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any assistance or insight anyone can offer.<BR>Mikey