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    i wana access a database table in oracle on a remote server(not in my network.i know its IP address) through an ASP script which will be running on my far i know the name of a table in that database and name of the dsn connection(if it can help). i require the solution urgently<BR>thnx

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    I know you can connect to an remote MS SQL database over a TCP/IP network using the code below, if you install the orable driver on your server you should be able to use code similiar to connect to your Oracle database<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Set Con = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Con.Ope n = "PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;DATA;UID=username;PWD=yourpass;D ATABASE=YourDB "<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>hope this helps<BR><BR>-Andy

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