hi <BR>If I may I have 3 quick questions about the ASP2 HTML Component.<BR><BR>QUESTION #1 Does the ASP2HTML component have a feature that allows you to tell it when to renew the static html page ? I would need it renewed every 5 minutes.<BR><BR>QUESTION #2: Can you build static pages for dynamic asp pages which depend primarily on querystring variables? for exmaple i have 70 different links each day with different query string variables. and the asp page depends on those links. Can the asp2html component create and Save asp pages based on querystring input ? <BR><BR>QUESTION #3: I think i&#039m stuck with installation. <BR>i installed it with the setup.exe utility. SO I can get the demo working. <BR>but then the instructions says in a very sparse way ( as though i was a java programmer) i&#039m supposed to build the component and i haven&#039t the foggiest idea <BR><BR> do you guys understand what these instructions mean ?<BR><BR>The Instructions says <BR><BR>"To build this component, you must first instruct the Java compiler to recognize the ASP type library and the Microsoft Transaction Server Type Library. Use Tools.Java Type Library Wizard and convert them. You only need to do this once.<BR>&#039** i&#039m lost right here. i can&#039t figure out this Tools.Java Type Library Wizard. <BR>i have downloaded the microsoft java SDK and don&#039t see anything of any help for the above statement . ******* <BR>then it says<BR>To compile the component, run nmake, then run reg.bat to register and move the class file."<BR>--<BR><BR>where do i find "Use Tools.Java Type Library Wizard and convert them"<BR><BR>Sincerely STEPHEN<BR><BR>